Independence Day Garden Therapy at Peachtree Village


The Holiday Island Garden Club enjoyed another day of garden therapy with the residents of Peachtree Village in Holiday Island. Begonias were the flower of the day.  The begonias were planted in the garden club box in the Holiday Island Community Garden and harvested after three months.  The Peachtree residents selected pots, begonias and 4th of July decorations to create beautiful potted plants for their balconies and porches at their Peachtree Village apartments.

Growing Flower Bulbs Indoors

We had a fun program and activity at this garden club meeting.  We learned flower bulb forcing basics. A few videos by P. Allen Smith gave us a head start, with materials given to us by the Carrol County extension office. Monica Kidwell, our resident retired florist, helped us design our centerpieces with bulbs.  Pictured above are some of the garden club members with their creations, as well as photos of one of the centerpieces after growing for only 2 weeks!

Sherry started these bulbs only four weeks ago and look at them now!